Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random Pictures

This is the boy on our field trip to learn about Indians. They had this great pioner village set up that we got to tour on our own. There was this little United Methodist church that had been moved on to the property from some little town. The boy couldn't help but go right to the pulpit and start to preach. It has been said many times that he will either be a president or a preacher. His response was,"Why can't I be a preaching president?" I love him.
This is my pumpkin seed experiment. I was really happy with how they turned out and ate quite a few. I love sunflower seeds and these were just as good. I did decide there were a couple of things that I would do differently, so I marked them on the recipe. They were golden brown and toasty and yummy.

This is the group of kids we went on the Indian field trip with. They had a train station set up, with a miniature train that traced a route close to the area where we live. On this train car, they had lots of information about trains and paper hats for the kids to wear. We picked up a ton of info and coloring books. It was fun and we would like to go back to see the pioneer part. Apparently you get to churn butter. That could be cool.
Have a great day!

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