Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hello, Darlin'...'s been a long time. It has been hasn't it? Sorry, I've been side tracked. I have this Facebook habit that is starting to develop. Anyway, here's the skinny.

We went to Easter service at church. Hubby greeted and I taught Sunday school for 3-5 graders. We always have a couple of extras on the holidays and we had a pretty full house that morning. We went to my in-laws, heretofor known as the parents. One of my bil came with his four girls. The kids got to hunt eggs and our kids rode their scooters for awhile. The ham was delicious and we got to bring a whole one home. We cut up a bunch and saved the bone for bean soup. Yum. We ate boiled eggs for days. Does anyone know how long boiled eggs are good for?

My niece B came home with us for a few days. Public school was out for Spring Break and she wanted to come play with the baby. They ended up fighting most of the time. She decided she wanted to play with the big girl and the boy instead. It was a long three days. And everything came out in a whine. B did school with us. She did bible study and history maps with us. She actually seemed to enjoy it.

With public school being out we didn't have dance or our Wednesday program. It was so nice. We did have a dinner Wednesday night with our dinner group from church. It was a lot of fun. Normally we did potluck, but we went out this time. We did a Chinese buffet and it was so good. The kids made little piggies out of themselves, except the baby. Sometimes she eats and sometimes she doesn't. We dropped my niece off on the way to the restaurant. She wanted to go with us, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

Friday was park day. We did an after Easter egg hunt and potluck lunch. I made chocolate pudding with whip cream on top. I did a really yummy dessert for Easter that was a parfait. you just layer bananas, chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Decorate the top with chocolate sauce. I didn't get that elaborate for the park, but it was still good. We all brought a dozen filled eggs for each of our kids that was particpating. The kids had a great time.

That was actually our second Easter egg hunt. We had gone to a friends church for one the Saturday before Easter. They had everyone in an age group, and each age group was in a different area. The baby found a golden egg, the boy found a golden egg, and the big girl got stung by a wasp. The golden eggs were prize eggs, the wasp was just for spite.

And Saturday we worked in the yard. I made the kids clean out the mini van. I was really tired of the kids leaving their stuff and me carting it in. This time if they didn't get it, I carted it to the trash. Once it was cleaned out, hubby got the shop vac and I vaccuumed it. I was so happy to get into a clean van this morning. We got our new compost bin started and the kids cleaned up the yard. We have squash, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and we think pumpkins. The potatoes and pumpkin are scraps in a planter that has suddenly started growing things.

Today after church has been a lazy day. Hubby went to a drywall class at Home Depot this afternoon. He was the only one that showed up, but he said he learned alot. His next class is in a couple of weeks and it's on tile. We have talked about this for years, but we never did anything about it. We were offered a really great opportunity that we weren't able to take advantage of because of the type of work that needs to be done. Hopefully, the opportunity will come again.

We have four weeks of school left. We're going to take a break until after recital in June, then do school for a month or so. I want to get started with a Spanish foundation before we start our curriculum for next year. We may also do some math. The boy and the big girl both will not finish their math curriculum before we're done, so we may do a little math, too. I haven't decided yet.

That's about it. We have just been nose to the grindstone, trying to finish up. It's dinner time now, so off I go.

Have a great day!


Tiffany said...

Lucky you--just four weeks left! We are going to be schooling for the long haul. I've decided not to take the whole summer off. We will just do school whenever we are home in between guests, traveling, and VBS's. We've taken too many breaks this year so we have a lot of catching up to do. I love the flexibility of homeschooling!
Your parfait sounds really good! I love chocolate and bananas together. If I ever get to eat sugar again I'm making it!

Cristy said...

I am one of those weird people that gets antsy if we aren't schooling for an extended period of time. We usually don't break much for summer, but I try to make it seem like we do for the kids.

We use VBS like summer camp. There are going to be some really good ones this year. The kids love them.