Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Lap Books

These are our Easter lap books. We had such a good time doing these. The kids like the little books and teh different folds. Our St. Patrick lap books had a fold that made a cup. The boy had to show all his friends how to make a paper cup.
The one at the bottom that says Coloring Easter Eggs is an accordian fold. If I let go, it would shoot up, all folded. It's funny. It's like a spring.
If you have never done a lap book, I encourage you to try. They are fun, educational, and a great way to learn tons about a subject, any subject. You can do one with your kids, I do, and have as much fun as they do.
We talked about eggs, and learned what the parts of an egg are called. We talked about Passover and Easter. We talked about God's grace and glory and the love that Jesus has for us. We talked about sacrifice and what that means in our lives. We talked about Jesus as the lamb and the shepherd. It was fantastic!
I hope you enjoy the look at what we worked hard on all week.
Have a great day!


crispy said...

Love the lapbooks. They turned out great.

Cristy said...

Thank you. We really, really like them. I wanted to go to the class that you and Tiffany did, but I didn't get the chance. It has been very fun to come up with ideas.