Friday, June 20, 2014

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I like small groups. I'm not big on speaking in front of large groups, and I'm not big on speaking into a microphone. Small groups, however, I can do those. Sometimes it's like herding cats. I have actually said, "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty" to get the attention back on point. All of that is my segue into talking about en pointe! See what I did there? Did you see?

The big girl got fitted for her first pair of pointe shoes today. Yes, I have waxed poetic all over the social site, so now you get to hear me gush again! This journey started when the big girl was 4. She had just started kindergarten and wanted to be a ballerina. So we put her in dance. The best part of this story is that she didn't take ballet until 2 years ago. She's so beautiful when she dances ballet.

We were lucky enough to go with my friend N and the big girl's friend B. We were also blessed to have our ballet mistress and studio owner accompany us as well. It was so nice to have their eyes and N's eyes as well as the sweet girl that was fitting the girls for shoes.

The big girl debated about taking a pair of tights. She didn't. So they gave her these stylish socks to use while she tried on shoes. Tres chic, non?

I like this pic because it shows the beginning of the pile. The fitter was very good about taking away whichever shoes didn't fit and replacing it right away.

Once the big girl had tried on several pair, she narrowed it down to 2. To simulate the ribbon and elastic, they used wrist braces.  These shoes were the 1st runner ups. These are Russians and they are a beautiful shoe. Oh my catfish, they were hard to say no to.

But these were the ultimate winner! They are gorgeous and I hope the big girl is happy with her choice. If the crazy smile that still hasn't left her face is anything to go by, she is at peace with her choice.

This was the beginning of the final discard pile. The fitter was so quick at removing what the big girl didn't like, I couldn't get a pic of all the shoes she tried.

Look at those pretty, pretty shoes! I am so happy that she's happy. And I'm happy she finally took them off!
She also had to have a nice wrap skirt. The norm has been a black, gauzy wrap number. But you know any kid of mine has got to buck the trend. We showed Miss S a black lace wrap around and she approved it! Yippee!
The big girl diligently watched some videos on how to sew on the ribbon and the elastic. She got the ribbons done, but she has the elastic left. At least the shoes are off her feet when she has the needle in her hand. We start summer dance next week and she is probably the most excited out of all of us. With beautiful shoes like those, wouldn't you be?
Have a great day.

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