Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dancing for Joy...and a Few Tears

I'm late. I know. Get over it. Anyway...

The big girl and the boy made the company dance team at our dance studio! Yea!! I am sooo proud of them. One of my very favorite things in the world is to watch my beautiful kids dance.

The boy owns the stage like nobody's business. He was born to perform and be the center of it all. Good thing he's my middle child. He even has a ballet solo. That does not hurt his feelings at all!

The big girl's group for contemporary has me in tears at every practice. I cannot even imagine what a blubbery mess I will be come performance days. And she gets to be in the group of kids that perform at the tree lighting in our town.

Now, you may notice the baby is missing. She didn't make it. She was so upset, she cried all the way to the studio the day we got our letters. And since I was driving, there was not one thing I could do about it until we got there. Hubby came and got her and took her to dinner and got ice cream and he held her while she cried. That's an amazing Papa Bear. By the time I got home with the other 2 kids, she was all better. And working her way into an ice cream coma. Ice cream and Papa Bear hugs make it all better!!

Our weeks are crammed super full with school and dance and practice and, and, and. We only have one day a week where we are home and the alarm doesn't go off. That day varies from week to week. We are tired. But we are happy.

Have a great day.

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