Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daybook, Part I Don't Even Know...

It has been awhile, I know. I haven't had a ton of motivation. Lots going on in my mind and we all know that's trouble. So here we go:

  • Outside my window...the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the donkeys are braying. Make them stop. They are cute and all, but they are also LOUD. Who knew? They get going and the goats start. Then the roosters and the chickens. They aren't ours. They belong to the neighbors. They have a mini farm working over there. I wonder how much they spend on feed every month? Wait, no I don't. You should see how many dogs they have. I think someone needs a new hobby. The donkeys are super sweet and so are the goats. You pet them and they they almost smile.
  • From the schoolroom...We have 3 weeks of school left!! Can I get a woot woot?!?! I am more than ready for this year to be over. It has been a learning experience. I can honestly say that while doing research for high school, attending homeschooling conferences, and learning about state scholarships and dual enrollment, the state has great homeschooling laws, but state agencies have a HUGE problem with homeschoolers. The rules and regulations for homeschoolers that need/want scholarship money are much more strict than the rules for public or private schooled students. I am much more informed and prepared for my next 2. I'm counting that as a win.
  • From the garden...The tower is full. We have the most beautiful lettuce. We planted a loose leaf lettuce and it is gorgeous and almost ready to eat. We had also planted a bibb lettuce but that has decided it doesn't want to do well. We also have spinach and chard in the tower. They are so pretty. In the raised beds we have snap peas and beets in 1 and tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic in the other. The garlic and onions started as an accident. I went to use the onion and it had growth, so we let it grow a little bigger and planted it. The garlic came from the compost we put in the raised bed. It just showed up in the bed one day, so we kept it. I have another bulb (see, that's why they grow. They're plants begging to start.) that's growing. It's getting planted, too. Potatoes are growing and growing and growing. By July, we should have more than we know what to do with. I am not disappointed about that!!
  • I am reading...I just finished a Carol Burnett book. It was stories that she was telling in a one woman show that she had. It was some stories from her early life and career and the answers to questions that the audience would ask her. I laughed my patootie off. I was trying to read Snow Falls on Cedars again. Finding some quiet time so I can read it is something else entirely. It's a little intense and deserves some time. The book I turned in yesterday was a hoot. It was The Sweet Potato Queens. It made me giggle. I needed some light reading. Our after dinner book is Buddy by M. H. Herlong. It's about a boy who finally gets a dog and then loses it during Katrina, the finds him again. We have three chapters left and we are all champing at the bit to see how it ends. I may read after lunch today since hubby's home with us.
  • From the kitchen...bacon. That should be all I have to say about that, but I'm not that kind of girl. I had originally bought it to make brussel sprouts. It went in the cart first. When I got to produce, no sprouts. But the bacon stayed. And there's some in the oven right now. I'm frying an egg in the grease because that's how I roll. It smells so good. The big girl wanted home made hamburger helper. So we made some. It is so easy and yummy. And believe it or not, there has been some creativity with our dinners and a couple of them included spinach. Cooked. Of which I am not a fan. But it was really good. 
  • Around the house...we have a new baby. Her name is Stella and she is super sweet. She is also a puppy, so she gnaws and bites everything, including us. She is 3 months old and she is German Shepherd/Rottweiller/Wolf. She's going to be a big dog. My inlaws have one of her brothers. He's twice as big and twice as rowdy as she is. I'm glad we have her, and not her brother. She follows hubby around like he is her hero. It's a good thing I'm not the jealous type, because I could get that way. Talk about a boy and his dog.
Alright, that's it for now. I'm going to go eat bacon and eggs. My house smells like coffee and bacon. The only thing better than that is a chocolate cake. Hey, now there's an idea. Have a great day.

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