Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010, in Pics

Last year we happened upon the mall during trick or treat hours. It was quite by accident since I was headed in to get something I had a coupon for. I called hubby, who was waiting in the van, and he brought the kids in. This year, we had the inside scoop. That and it was the day before, so that meant another day to get candy. Ok, you are not hurting my feelings. We met some friends, ended up hanging with more friends and participated in a scavenger hunt. That was fun. Anyway, they also had a Michael Jackson impersonator and his zombie dancers. The dancers were really good and so was the impersonator guy. At one point, he threw his glitter glove into the audience. Guess who caught it? The big girl, that's who. I have to clarify and say that she was talking to her friend S and it actually hit her. I'm glad he didn't throw a brick. That would have been painful. I like people that take these things seriously. I wish I could remember the name of the store. I would promote them just for getting into the spirit of things, so to speak. That's the big girl and the baby walking by.

This is our motley crew we started with. The tall girl is the big girl's friend S and she went as Lady Gaga. Fits doesn't it? She made that costume. You should have seen her shoes. People would ask S what she was. As soon as she said Gaga, you could see their eyes light up. My favorite part of her costume: the turtle hat. We picked up our other friends a little later during trick or treating. We were hoping that our friend M, who recently started a candy business and has a kiosk in the mall, would hand out her candy, but no. She handed out that other junk.

This is Ichabod. I have said it a million times, but I will say it again: creative people piss me off. I know, I know, whatever. Anyway, Ichabod had little holes in his head and Tootsie Pops for hair. Our friend, ST, had this at her vehicle for trunk or treat. It was self serve. You just walk by and pull a lollipop out of the head. How cute is he? I think I may have an Ichabod of my own next year. I may not be able to create, but I can copy! Tootsie rolls, marshmallows, and tooth picks. That's it.
And that's it for me. I finally got pics up, I blogged, and now I need to write. I also got tagged! I am so excited about that. It's a blog thing where one blogger answers questions, then comes up with their own questions and tags fellow bloggers to answer them, and so on. I will get that up as soon as I can.
Have a great day.

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