Thursday, October 15, 2009


is the longest day of the week. When we got home last night, my legs were so tired, they didn't know I had actually sat down. The boy said his were numb. And by the time hubby got home last night, the kids were crashed and snoring. They had only been in bed about twenty minutes.

Since we are no longer doing our afterschool program, I had the bright idea that it would be nice to rechedule the boy's dance class to Wednesday. The baby and I were already dancing that day, and it would be one less day driving to town. It actually has been a good idea, we just need to tweak a couple of things to make it better.

We still school in the morning, but we start a little earlier. It is so nice to get the work done and not worry about it. If I have to leave some for later, it's alright because we have a big chunk of time between the boy's class and the baby's. The only draw back to that is how tired the kids are at that point. It makes it hard to get and keep their attention. Yesterday, we had to do a little shopping and the baby laid down in the cart. She even went to sleep for a little bit. I laid our shopping bags down in the bottom of the cart and she laid on them like a pallet. I had to get socks for the girls and she used the packages like pillows. She looked so comfortable, I wanted to lay down and nap with her.

The good thing about our day, or really the great thing, is that we get to have lunch with hubby. I pack a lunch for me and the kids, like we are going to park day. Everybody has a water bottle and I take extra in case we drink all of ours. Hubby takes his own lunch just in case he can't meet us. If he can't meet us, he still has his lunch. We have met the last two weeks at different parks and were able to share a meal and really great company and conversation. By the time hubby is done with his lunch hour, it's time to pack up and head for the boy's class. I try to pack snacks for the time our last two classes.

When we get home, dinner is usually ready. I get it started in the crockpot and it's ready and smelling good when we get home. Last night was fajitas. It wasn't as good as the ones you get still sizzling on the cast iron skillet, but they were still good. The kids eyes actually rolled back in their kids it was so good. I didn't have everything to make the ones I wanted to, but after looking at a few recipes I decided to make my own. Tasty, tasty. I crockpot three days a week, and it has helped to have menu. It helps me be more accountable for our meals and our money.

It's a long day, but we enjoy it. We look forward to dancing and getting to see hubby. We go to the library and read books to each other. We get to spend time together, enjoying the company. Most of the time. There is still some tweaking we need to do to our day, but slow and steady wins the race.

Have a great day!

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